Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cheap eats & local treats!

Monday night, what’s for dinner? I took to Twitter to find a few ideas using the popular hashtag #WFD  There was nothing that jumped out at me, until I came across local resto, Buds on The Bay and remembered I had a promotional certificate for a free steak dinner. We only had our oldest daughter with us that night (pre-baby Remy's arrival!) and decided to pop in and check out the new menu and use our certificate. 

When we arrived it wasn't busy and we were quickly seated. It soon became clear that everyone had the same idea to jump on-board this fabulous promotion.  Our daughter had the grilled cheese and garden salad from the kids menu, Nick ordered a turkey sandwich on artisan bread with apple slices and a side of soup and I used the certificate and had the 8oz. Steak, mushrooms, rice and asparagus. We didn’t wait long, which was great because we were very hungry. 

The presentation was fantastic, the portions were not sparse and above all the food was delicious! Our picky tot ate most of her dinner, Nick raved about his healthy choice, which made me happy as it didn’t come smothered in gravy and I finished my dinner happily full.  I think Buds hit the nail on the head with this promotion as the restaurant was filling up with patrons as we were heading out.  Every month they have something new to offer and if you are looking for a family and budget friendly dinner out, head down to Buds on The Bay and enjoy!

It seemed to be the week for great dinners and deals. The following Saturday evening, The Augusta Township Volunteer Firefighters held a fundraising pancake dinner at the North Augusta Fire Hall. The cost was $5.00 per person and children were free. 

Along with my grandparents, Nick and I took our oldest and headed out to support the men and women who volunteer everyday to protect us and our community. This is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, as my father-in-law is a volunteer fireman in Quesnel, British Columbia and has put his life on the line many times over to help others. I also have a few friends who volunteer on the Augusta Fire department so we wanted to come out and show our full support.

It was clear that the small town of North Augusta has big heart. Everyone was out to show their gratitude for their local volunteers. Cars lined the roads and the hall filled up quickly. Upon entering, the smell of fresh, local maple syrup filled the air and the tables were packed with happy families. Sparky the Dog was in attendance greeting the children, which I thought would thrill my daughter. Instead she clung to daddy and waited patiently for her pancakes. Although there was a good turnout, the line moved quickly. So many pancakes, sausages, homemade beans....I couldn’t wait to dig in.We found a free spot, settled in and enjoyed this comfort food treat. Before I realized it, our plates were empty!  

A good friend of mine, who has now dedicated two years to the Augusta Fire Department, came by to say hello and to offer us a tour of the fire truck that was just purchased by the department. We jumped at the chance.  Our oldest, with Daddy in tow quickly climbed into the back of the new truck to check it out. She was in awe of how big the truck was and thought it was very cool to have her own tour. A huge thank you to my friend Jake, who took the time to help us get involved, answer questions and make it important and easy for our three year old to learn about the courage and dedication that our friends, neighbours and family members show when they volunteer with their community fire departments.  If you get the chance, head out and support these wonderful people in their next fundraiser. 

This week we realized there are so many delicious places in the area that don’t require breaking the bank with our growing family! More importantly, these local establishments and events give us an opportunity to experience our community together while still making (somewhat!) healthy food choices. 

p.s. Due to some technology-related hiccups, I was unable to post pics of our great meal or visit to the North Augusta Fire Hall....keep an eye out, I'll share as soon as possible!