Monday, 6 May 2013

Bringing back brunch

Does your Sunday morning sound like this: " Momma, I'm awake. I'm awake! I'm awake!!! Followed by a one year old baby screaming due to the aforementioned yelling.  Oh, I should point out that it is 6:30 a.m. and this is a typical Sunday morning for us.

So what does this have to do with how much I love Brockville? I love it so much that I tirelessly write about my passion for the city and surrounding area. I can proudly say we have shopped at nearly every store, eaten at nearly every restaurant and frequented every park. A few times over. This, is why- when I heard the new Brockville Convention Centre would be hosting WEEKLY brunch - I kicked up my feet in excitement for Sunday mornings - despite the early wake up calls!

I remember brunch being an occasion. Mother's Day Brunch, Father's Day Brunch and the morning after almost every holiday, you guessed it, was usually brunch. This is not reserved for exhausted parents who just need an extra hour or so before breaking out the skillet to feed those hungry babes. Young couples recouping from the party the night before, single people wanting to get out and about, elderly citizens who enjoy good food and traditions. Brunch has been around forever and there to serve everyone.

Nick and I had attended the fabulous opening night gala at the Convention Centre on Friday and were blown away by the venue. It is open, spacious, bright and is clearly going to be a huge hit in our city. The venue can be split into three rooms; two mid-sized rooms or one giant room allowing for any size event.  My favourite part was the entrance hall. It felt warm and welcoming, along with stylish and sophisticated. I enjoyed how you could grab a cocktail and mingle with friends.

We decided that Sunday we would brave it, and take the kids. I was a little weary - because the children are toddlers, who are loud, always hungry, never patient and, well....they are kids. I envisioned us walking back into the ballroom and my children somehow taking every table cloth off of every table, running amuck, spilling tea and coffee and receiving looks from lovely people out to enjoy their Sunday. What we actually experienced was walking into the ballroom - which was very elegant - but feeling welcomed with smiles from other families and brunch- goers. We were seated, received a high-chair immediately for our youngest and welcomed to check out the buffet.

There are no words to describe this brunch. I always go on and on about how wonderful our experiences are and how delicious our food is. It has always been very true. We have been lucky to have such experiences. The brunch at the Brockville Convention Centre? Chef William Alexander and his extraordinary team have knocked it out of the park!

From the generous amount of food, selection, plating and taste (oh the taste!) everything was perfect. There was fresh fruit, a yogurt parfait bar, canapes, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, pulled pork Eggs Benedict, ,mini sliders and array of juice, tea and coffee. Those are just the things that come to mind. I know I am missing many items. It wasn't the quantity that surprised me, although for the price, I knew I was getting a deal. It was the quality of the food that blew me away. Nick raved and raved about the sliders and the kids devoured everything we gave them.

It would be safe to say that brunch is back. Back with a vengeance. If you are looking to reclaim your Sunday as a day of relaxtion or for a local celebration - or if you just want a damn good meal, then please head over to the Brockville Convention Centre and enjoy. What an amazing meal!