Friday, 19 September 2014

Trees for Children ready to make a difference!

Children's mental health (and mental health causes overall) are very important to my family and I for various reasons. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder since the age of 17 and since then have been an advocate to end stigma and raise awareness. Since becoming a mother, I have been touched with children's mental health issues and continue to learn and evolve- while hoping to continue to raise awareness.

Through this journey, I have met some wonderful families who face the same daily challenges as we do. Both Nick and I are members of a local mental health support group, board members of Friends for Autism and continue to host the Trees for Children charity event, in hopes to lend our support and help where we can.

This past week, I met with Maplehurst Manor, located in Maitland, On. to discuss the upcoming annual Trees for Children fundraiser. Last year was the inaugural event for this children's mental health fundraiser and was received well by the community. Money raised this year will be split between Friends for Autism and A Dog for Drew (which will help a local child receive a therapy dog). The venue - Maplehurst - is sure to wow visitors, supporters and guests of our celebration party!

When I met with Josie (owner of The Brockberry Grill and new owner of Maplehurst Manor) to discuss the event, I asked Ashley Yeldon and April Kuhlman, who head Friends for Autism to join me. Neither had been to the manor and were both floored from the moment they walked in. Maplehurst has undergone some extensive renovations and decorating over the past few years, all while keeping with the tradition and history that it is known for. April and Ashley couldn't get over the elegance and glamour the home exuded and were not only very excited that Trees for Children would be hosted there, but the ladies also made plans for future Friends for Autism events.

That is the thing about Maplehurst Manor, once you have a tour of the main house, carriage house and grounds, plus take in the view- you understand why so many people can't stop talking about this venue.

I look forward to connecting with many people and businesses over the next month, gaining support for the upcoming event. I believe that once the trees, mantles and stunning staircase is decorated to incorporate many festive themes- the manor will come alive with holiday spirit and will be something to marvel at! If you are interested in lending your support to two very deserving local children's groups, please contact me directly to reserve your tree or to purchase tickets to the celebration reception.