Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A niblet from Cornfest 2013

For the last two years, my family and I have eagerly anticipated the annual Athens' Cornfest. I have been lucky enough to call some of the organizers my friends and they do a good job about getting the word out regarding the excitement to come each year.

We made sure to arrive at this year's Cornfest in the morning so we could take in all the vendors, music and of course, the food. After parking, the first place we came across was a giant board game made out of chalk on the closed-off road. It was a snakes and ladders type game where you roll the dice and try to make it to the end. My oldest, wasted no time introducing herself to the volunteer and starting the game. At the end, she was surprised with a musical prize (parents rejoice!) and walked away all smiles. This was a promising start to Cornfest 2013.

Next, we stopped to watch a professional sidewalk chalk artist hard at work and attempted to make our own masterpiece. This gave Nick and I a chance to chat with and get to know some of the volunteers. The kind lady who was working this project was telling us about her grandchildren and how she enjoys spending time with them. It was nice to take a moment and connect with other local residents. One of the greatest parts about attending small-town fairs is the kindness that can be found.

We continued to walk down the main stretch, stopping to listen to Tom Wilson on the main stage, visiting with friends we saw along the way and eventually making our way to the bouncy castle. This is a must for every fair and is always a favourite with our children.Nick and my oldest waited in line, as Baby R and I met with some more residents and chatted away. I was happy to meet the owner of the Dragonfly Kitchen, a lady who provides an in-home cooking service for busy working families. I grabbed her pamphlet and we had a great chat. I hope to connect again with her soon and learn more about her services.

Before I knew it, the morning had passed and it was noon - we had plans to go watch and meet Senator Hugh Segal, who was participating in the cook-off. My wonderful friend and Cornfest organizer, Douglas Quantz had invited us to come by and meet the Senator. Doug was in excellent spirits and had everything running smoothly with his amazing Cornfest team. We were introduced to the Senator, who was very gracious and took the time to speak with Nick and answer all his questions about political life. It was a great meeting and we are looking forward to connecting again soon.

After all the excitement, we were very hungry. When in Athens, we have a favourite spot to eat - The Peacock! Nanny Franny never disappoints and she was outside selling raffle tickets for a charitable cause and other goodies. We hurried in for a delish lunch and as always, had a fabulous time. My love for The Peacock is no secret, but if you still haven't been- rush- go now!

As the day drew near to an end, the lovely Brea Lawrenson was taking the stage. I had never heard of Brea before the hype of Cornfest, but after hearing her cover Tom Cochrane and Miranda Lambert, I realized what an incredible talent this gal is. We stayed and listened to her set and as my daughter is a huge country music fan, we went up to the stage to meet Brea after. I was blown away by how down- to-earth and friendly she was. So much so that she let my daughter keep her guitar pick, which you can imagine, only sent her over the moon! She has now been using it non-stop on her play guitar at home and continues to talk about her favorite musician- Miss Brea Lawrenson - a true class act!

To the village of Athens, its' residents and and everyone who takes time to organize and volunteer in the annual Cornfest - THANK YOU. This is truly a great festival and we look forward to it for years to come.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Automotion 2013

Congratulations to those involved in "Automotion Brockville 2013". This was a great event, attended by many and an overall success!

Our family headed downtown bright and early to take in the anticipated car show. With the threat of rain, we drove, not wanting to get caught in a downpour with the kids. As it turned out, the rain held off - and it seemed everyone (and their dog!) was flocking down to check out the cars and trucks. Please enjoy a few of my personal pictures from Automotion 2013:

 A look towards the crowd at Blockhouse Island
 One of Nick's Favourites - The Barracuda
Nice Gun-Metal Grey Camaro

 For you Rod lovers
 Loved this Mustang!
Last, but not least - my absolute Favourite - Camaro! I fell in love with this car.
Make sure you check out Brockvilletourism.com, Easternontarionetwork.com and SnapBrockville.com for more festivals and other upcoming attractions!