Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shutter and Snap

One day, I was looking through my Facebook feed and noticed that, a gal I grew up with had a new photography business and Facebook page. I clicked, expecting to glance through and see the same  shots typical of most new and up- and - coming photographers. Instead, I was captured by the simplicity, yet amazing eye and talent that she had.

I had been thinking of having pictures done for my daycare families as a special thank you for inviting me into their lives and allowing me to care for their children. I wanted to find someone who could capture all the childhood fun we have on a daily basis but hadn't come across that right person yet. That's why when I stumbled upon Julia Patrick's Photography page and was blown away, I decided to make it happen.

 I immediately contacted Julia and had a great chat. She was so warm and excited about the idea. Julia works with children in her full-time job and started her photography business as it has been a life-long passion. Once she started to take photos and show me the unedited images, it was clear she was able to hone in and capture that light that only children have. The pictures were beautiful and very moving.




Our family will be meeting up with Julia again in the late fall for more photos and I encourage anyone who is looking for a local photographer to check out Julia's portfolio and contact her. Not only is she immensely talented but an absolute lovely and hard-working gal! Please enjoy some of her work below and check out her page.