Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tis the season to be busy!

The past few weekends have been very busy for our family. With the Holiday season upon us, many communities in the area are hosting magnificent family-friendly activities. With two children under the age of three and a tight budget to reflect the economy, we often look for activities that get us out and about and help show our support to our local area and businesses.

Last Saturday started out quiet, but when the sun hits the sky, the children hit the ground running. We had a nice family breakfast, did some minor housework and then headed to the Brockville Public Library to finally sign up for our cards. Im ashamed to say it, but it has been years since I stepped foot into that particular library and when we entered into the main floor, I was happily surprised. There were many quiet reading areas, a group of teens working on what looked like a school project (kudos to you guys!), a row of computers with super fun looking headphones (to attract parents and toddlers alike) and a fantastic reading and play area for young children. Both my girls were drawn to the puppet show area, colourful bean bag chairs and bins of toys. They made some friends with an adorable little girl and played for about an hour. Then showing interest in the computer, my oldest decided to give it a try. The one she chose was a touch screen computer, which made it easy for her to interact and enjoy her learning game. My youngest picked out a few books with daddy and then we were on our way. By the time we arrived home it was mid-afternoon, which is music to my ears- naptime! Tired out from their play, both girls hit the pillows and were out. I have a new found appreciation for our public library and both my spouse and I agree, it will be a place we visit very often!

Sunday we were up and out the door early. Friends of ours had told us about "A Country Christmas" in Spencerville and we were just dying to pack up the kids and head out to have a look. We arrived to the village to see two giant Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon filled with happy passangers. This looked promising.
We parked at the Drummond Building, strapped the wee ones into their "keep your hands to yourself" stroller and headed in to see what exciting things awaited us. We were greeted immediatly by the smell of coffee and fresh baked goods, met by a lady at a desk with a warm smile and behind her a sea of craft vendors. The lady quickly walked us through the village's different attractions, gave us a cute Christmas book that was used as a "passport" to all the different events and quietly gave us the scoop about the animals in the barn behind us. Smart lady, didnt want to set the kids off too quickly!
After a walk around the craft area, and a few Christmas presents bought for family we decided the kids would really enjoy the animals. Afterall, we were told there was a unicorn! En route to the barn we were stopped by three very nice people selling hot apple cider with proceeds going to the Food Bank. My spouse quickly took them up on the offer. It is one of his favorite winter treats and didn't disappoint.
Once in the door, with our passports stamped we couldnt get to all the animals quick enough. There were ponies, complete with rides, alpacas, donkeys, geese, baby bunnies and of course, the promised "unicorn" wink wink. We made our way around all of the animals, each girl picking their favorite and headed to the pony rides. This made me a bit nervous, as only a young mother can be. Neither of my girls had ever been on a pony. We paid our $3.00 each (completely reasonable price) and my oldest just had to go first! With my pregnant emotions in check, I fought back the urge to tear-up as my firstborn born saddled up, with Daddy beside her and I did what every good mother does- cheered her on and took almost one thousand pictures. She was a natural, smiling and loving every minute! It was then our youngest' turn, who was very eager to get up there and show her big sister she could also do a great job. With Daddy beside her as well she was a bit more cautious, as one is when they are that small. It started out great and lasted about a minute. She decided that perhaps her sister could have this one, there were baby bunnies to look at, afterall!

When we left Spencerville we headed to my parents house for a nice Sunday dinner. The girls had a quick nap in the car on the way, which was much needed after the exciting afternoon with the animals and other activities.

We arrived to "Amma" and Grandpa's house and were greeted by the smell of yummy spagehtti sauce simmering in the crockpot and a bunch of gingerbread people to decorate. Hats off Amma, you know how this family rolls! We quickly rolled up our sleeves and began to decorate. This was also a great distraction that provided Grandpa with some quiet time to watch the football game. We all enjoyed decorating but perhaps it was my spouse, Nick who had the most fun. He took his time to make his gingerbread man quite intricate and detailed. Thankfully we captured this on camera or some may not believe his artistic skills.

 What a fantastic (and busy) weekend! Nothing brings out family and such great community spirit like the holiday season.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me! And does the Brockville library have programs during the week that you can sign up for?

  2. Love the blog, Linds!

  3. Loved it Lindsay! Great read! :)
    We too are huge fans of the Brockville Library. The Children's area is much larger than many other city libraries. We are so fortunate to have it, and all the free programs that are offered to our families through the Brockville Library. :)

  4. @ Peachyteachy- I will have to check into that this weekend and let you know. I do believe they do a children's group through the week as they seem very committed to early literacy!