Monday, 28 May 2012

50 Shades of Shopping

The month of May has been zooming by. With a new baby, my days and nights seem to mix together and time has escaped me.

I have been enjoying maternity leave and it has allowed me to get outside in the beautiful weather we have been having. I have also discovered a dangerous new habit -shopping!

 Downtown Brockville is nothing short of an amazing offering of local shops. This past week, I popped into Limestone and Ivy, where I was greeted by Patricia, a friendly sales associate who has been with the company for eleven years. I found a stunning new purse in one of the seasons hottest colours-orange! With my new bag and new-found guilt that goes with it, I thought I better bring something home for hubby. They have a fabulous selection of Lacoste golf shirts, so I snatched one up in a pale pink for my man. Not to boast, but he is tall, dark and handsome so I figured he would carry the colour well. Patricia was wonderful, we discussed recent local events and news, such as the  Brockville Farmer's Market and other incredable things the city has to offer. It is a great store with the trendiest merchandise and helpful and friendly service, a must-visit on your downtown agenda!

I continued on into the downtown stretch and found myself at Leeds County Book Store. In the window was none other then the highly controversial "50 Shades of Grey" along with the other two books in the series. This made me stop in my tracks.

 Must.Read! I quickly entered the store and found my copy of the book. Due to it's explicit content, I found myself blushing like a teenager at the cash, instead of acting like the grown, twenty-eight year old mom of three that I am. Noticing my anxiety, the cashier laughed and dished about the books that she too, was currently reading. A few minutes later, I was out the door with my new purchase. I decided that it was time to put away my bank card. My dear mother who is reading this post can breathe now. I didn't let my shopping get too out of hand, but I believe that every now and then, one must get out of the house and splurge a little.

I am not shy about my love for the downtown core and it just continues to grow as I discover great deals and meet friendly people. Stay tuned Brockville, I have been out and about with my sweet Baby R and we have many more experiences to blog about!

Cheers :)

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  1. I jumped into Limestone and Ivy, where I was welcomed by Patricia, a helpful revenue person who has been with the organization for 11 decades.

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