Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Daycare Day at Prince of Wales Public School

Recently, I ventured into business with a great friend. We started a daycare with a vision of a "Back to Basics" approach. It is our belief that children should be children and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We grow our own produce in season, play outside when we're not facing arctic temperatures and do yoga when we can. Our kids get dirty playing outside and we're all okay with that. In fact, we prefer it!

One of the other fun-tastic things we do, is take field-trips and get out into our local community. This past week, we took our daycare children to a special day put on by Prince of Wales Public School. Given the cold weather we have recently had- down to -22 at times, the school thought it would be a great idea to let the children have free run of the gymnasium on a PA Day. They also treated participants to snacks and the opportunity to play at their before and after-school YMCA childcare room. When we heard of this, we jumped at the chance to get the kids out and enjoy this special treat!

When we arrived, we were greeted by the Principal, Mr. Taugher and his staff of fabulous teachers and support staff. Everyone was smiling and happy to welcome us to their school. The children were very excited to play with hula hoops, bean bags, giant bouncy balls, floor hockey sticks and other fun equipment in the gym. Before we knew it, almost an hour had passed and the gang was still going strong and looking forward to a play in the YMCA program room.

After playtime,there were snacks and drinks available. The room was very colourful and warm. As a new daycare provider, it was nice to be welcomed by the area's YMCA with open arms. The visit also gave my business partner, Stephanie, and I a chance to network, ask questions and "talk shop" with these fabulous ladies.

This was the first time Prince of Wales Public School has hosted a "Daycare Day" and I hope it is something that continues annually. It gave our preschool aged children a chance to visit a school and feel like such big kids. It also gave us the opportunity to meet other local professionals who work in the same field, and overall, was a great winter outing.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and welcomed us into the school. For more information on Little City Charm Daycare,  Prince of Wales Public School or the Before and After-School programs from the YMCA, please visit the following links:

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