Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The journey begins in our new home

October 1st was an exciting time for our family. We took the plunge and moved into our first home as a family. With our ever-growing brood, we definitely needed more space and a kid-friendly backyard for growing minds.With three bedrooms, an extra washroom, formal dining room, the kids own playroom and a double lot fenced-in backyard, we began our life together in beautiful Brockville!

Somehow I always pick fantastic times to move ( I'm pretty sure New Year's Day tops the list) and this time I didn't stray from my fabulous planning. Being pregnant and restricted from lifting anything over 10 pounds always presents a challenge when packing and moving. Thankfully we have fantastic friends who  volunteered to help us. Their help made this move as unstressful and dare I say easy, as one could hope for.

The unpacking began and the kids were extremely excited when they learned they have their very own playroom, with built-in cabinets to boot! We began to set up a kitchen area and an area for the ever-growing collection of babies and their accessories. Sometimes I think my children are exposed to too much entertainment television and are striving to be "Octomom" or "Brangelina" with their love for babies.

Once settled, we decided to head out to explore the backyard. This was the highlight for the entire family. Having moved from a newly built townhouse with the yard unusable and still being landscaped, it was a treat to discover our own little oasis. Fall had begun to set-in and the leaves were falling, beautiful colours everywhere. We have many retaining walls that will serve a wonderful purpose this spring when Pop Pop attempts to teach us girls how to plant and garden, lots of room to run around and best of all, many leaves to pile up and jump in.

It has been a fantastic time so far in our new home and we can not wait to get out in Brockville and see what's going on in the community. Coming into winter, there is buzz about the Farmer's Market/Craft sale in the Museum, the Santa Claus Parade and other events showcasing local talent and family fun.

Let the Journey Begin!

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  1. Brockville is a wonderful place to live, I am proud to call it my hometown. Your blog is awesome Lindsay and I look forward to reading all the wonderful & charming things about this beautiful city.

    Thanks for sharing :)