Thursday, 7 March 2013

February: Fundraisers and Family Day

As one of the shortest months of the year, February always seems to fly by. Here's a round-up of all the local fun and activities that made it pass by even faster this year.

If you have been following our local news, the new Cardinal arena project is a familiar story. Many people are very excited about what the new arena will bring and then there are skeptics and those unhappy about the tax hike to local residents in the Cardinal-Edwardsburg area. Whatever your take, in my opinion, getting people out and active in our community can always be a positive thing!

Leading up to Valentine's Day, the new arena fund-raising committee, which one of my dearest friends, Marcy MacDonald is on,  decided to host a Valentine's Gala to offset some of the costs associated with the project.  As Cardinal was my first home, is now home to my middle daughter on a part-time basis and also home to other close family friends, it seemed only natural that Nick and I show our love and support to the community and buy tickets. A lovely and basic home-cooked meal followed by a performance from the local Studio C Dance Troupe and music from a live band (Rock Junction) made the evening fly-by as fast as February itself! There was even a silent and live auction, with many great prizes donated by local businesses. Our MPP Steve Clark, was even on hand to donate a bottle of wine and support this great cause. It may be worth a mention that this is a man of his word- as he followed through on a Superbowl bet he made with Nick and I, where a drink of choice was the prize. Thanks Steve- a nice treat!

Not long after, Family Day popped up on us. With three small children, a home-based business, a busy career man and other countless things on the go- staying at home this year was big on our list. I did however, catch word that The Brockville Museum was hosting a Family Day celebration with free period costume photos and some activities set up for families to enjoy. Never being one to stay away from a community event -  especially one with costumes! - we headed out.

We met some new friends, had a lovely tour and our picture taken, all the while spending time together as a family.

With March approaching, along with more spring-like weather, there are tons of fabulous local events and gatherings ahead.  Get out and enjoy your community and all that it has to offer- you never know what you will find in your own backyard!

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