Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mmmm...."The Mow"

My not-so-secret love for Brockville and our local businesses is on full display in this post. I enjoy writing about my family's experiences when we are out and about and the local talent that blows us away. No- I don't get paid by those businesses to promote them, I just really believe that when we have a great time in our own backyard, it's worth noting and promoting that local talent. Here is a recent experience we've had and I really think you should check it out!

The Barley Mow

Little City Charm was recently nominated for a CanWeblog Award, which seemed like a great reason to celebrate. There are many tasty places to eat in Brockville, but we wanted to try the new and highly talked about Barley Mow, a family-friendly pub . Nick and I had been there previously for a quick breakfast before but it is the delicious traditional food and excellent service - during the dinner hour - that set this restaurant apart.

We sauntered in at dinner, with two of our children in tow. In some cases, I am pretty sure I have seen servers "rock, paper and scissors" to see who gets the luxury of waiting on our family of toddlers. This time- we were greeted with a genuine smile and excitement to see our family. We were seated and almost every server came to coo over our children and take our drink order right away. We were given menus and what seemed like the perfect amount of time to decide on our dinner. I ordered the bacon wrapped meatloaf, Nick had the prime rib sandwich and my oldest had the mac and cheese with a side of fresh veggies. Our baby, is well, just that- so no steak for her just yet!

It didn't take long for our meal to arrive. It was fresh, hot and plated to perfection. I will admit that my father-in-law still makes the best meatloaf (c'mon, it's stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese!) but this one was a very close second. Nick raved about his sandwich and my daughter ate her entire meal. She is four, that NEVER happens.

I also have to mention the very best part of our experience was our server, Jenny. She was pleasant, fun with the kids and never missed a beat with our orders. We had a great conversation with Jenny and learned she wants to someday work with children. As a mom and daycare owner, this was great to hear as she really seemed to have a way with people.

Great atmosphere, food, prices and service -  The Barley Mow knocked it out of the park! We will be back soon. Maybe with my in-laws to have the meatloaf!

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  1. We're big fans of the Barley Mow but like to escape there in the winter for their $5 lunches while the kids are in school :)