Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Can we all agree to be done with winter?

I’m not sure what life is like in your home the past week, but here – it has been nuts! With the frigid temperatures and layers of ice, I’ve been cautious about not taking the kids outside for very long. As a result, I have energetic children and not a lot of options to help burn off that cabin fever.


In the past we have travelled to Kingston or Ottawa to the big indoor gyms and playlands but when the roads are closed due to lack of visibility, we try not to venture out. I have taken them to that golden arch place, the museum and of course the library (yes, I’ve taken three very loud children to the quietest place on earth, in order to tire them out) but I am slowly running out of options and new ideas. The Aquatarium is going to blow my mind I’m sure, but it is currently still under construction, so I will have to make due until the grand opening.


I turn to my Pinterest boards and other social media platforms to see what the cool and fun moms are doing and I continually run into the same comments: “There is nothing to do here”. This is not just in my own community, but across the country and even beyond our borders. Wherever people are chiming in from, they are feeling the creative crunch with the harsh weather and new interesting ways to entertain their children. My solution? I’d really like for us all to agree to just be done with winter. Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate!


Long gone are the hours spent at local parks, walking and biking the trails and frequenting the splash pad. I miss the nights when the kids are asleep and I can sit out back and enjoy a glass of wine under the stars. Ok, it’s usually a beer but wine just sounded nicer.


I want to know, what do you do to keep the kids happy? I remain committed to supporting our community and will continue to do so wherever possible, but this mom needs some new ideas for the cold Canadian days we're facing. I can’t wait to hear from you all!

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  1. Hej! Visiting your blog via facebook and Classic Marketing! I live in Sweden and usually we have colder winters than this year. This season there is no snow, not particularly cold - but we have seen constant rain, humidity and grey weather. I know exactly what you are talking about - so many outdoor options to do with the kids are GONE! You just don't want to hang at playgrounds, parks, the beach or do excursions in the soaking wet rain. But, I do hope that we have a spring ahead and one way to keep our hopes up and to keep us busy is to start planning for the garden (or balcony or windowsill). Check catalogues online for flower or veggie seeds, plan, and start planting! Make little signs with names of plants, starting dates, pictures; keep a log book and draw/write what is happening and how you take care of the little plants. It is a great way for kids to learn not only about the nature but you are also involving writing, authoring, analyzing, experimenting and entrepreneurship etc.

    Hope you "survive" winter!


    btw here is an app tip http://globatris.se/2013/04/10/my-playhome-useful-app-for-teaching-a-language-to-a-child/