Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Friends for Autism took over Parliament Hill

Autism and children's mental health is a subject very near and dear to my heart. I created a fundraiser in the city of Brockville this past November to raise funds for various children's mental health causes in and around our local community. This past year, the funds were donated to a group called Friends for Autism. 

Friends for Autism (FFA) was created by April Kuhlmann and a group of dedicated ladies who were passionate about the disorder. It is their goal not to find a cure for Autism, but rather have it accepted and help educate the general public about the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Friends for Autism has assisted local families find resources, finance expensive tools that assist those affected by ASD and provide overall support. It was my pleasure to introduce April to our MP Gord Brown, who graciously offered to take time out of a very busy schedule to give FFA a personal tour of Parliament Hill. 

MP Brown met with a few of the families that FFA has provided support with. He shared with us the history of the Peace Tower and the Parliament Library (which is the only part of the original building still standing, after a fire in 1916 engulfed the entire main building- "Centre Block"- on the hill). Mr. Brown also took us to places that are not usually on a regular Parliamentary tour, such as The Senate and The House of Commons, where we were able to meet MP Jason Kenney, Hon. Lisa Raitt and many other hard working MPs.

Pictured below is Senator Jim Munson speaking to the group. Senator Munson introduced and passed bill S-211, an act respecting World Autism Day. He has done a tremendous amount of work advocating for the cause and it was an absolute honour to have met him. 

One of our special guest Bradley, trying on an RCMP hat with a guard outside the Parliamentary Library. The guard was very kind, telling us stories about the Library and taking time to pose for the picture!

Often, we forget that our politicians are also citizens in our communities as well. They work very long days, have extended travel away from their family and are often touched with the same challenges we face. It was very clear from this visit that our MP Gord Brown had a genuine interest in Friends for Autism and we want to extend a special thank you for the time and support.

To learn more about Friends for Autism, please visit their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/friendsforautism
or by phone : (613)246-3736
Website coming soon

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