Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Off to the races!

We all have that friend, you know- the one you go to things with because they are awesome and not necessarily because it's something you're interested in. I recently experienced that, and was surprised to find I have a new passion-racing!

Yes, you read that correctly- THIS GIRL loves car racing. For years I had friends who raved about it and would even sit home on a beautiful afternoon to watch a race on TV. I would shake my head and continue on....not realizing what I was missing. That was until, one of my best friends recently asked me to come with her to the Brockville Ontario Speedway (BOS). She is continuously supporting things I do, always making me laugh and one of my most cherished friends- so naturally, like any good friend, I rolled my eyes and said "Yes, Of course. I would love too".

It was the season opener at BOS, and it was packed! I had no idea we had so many race fans in Leeds Grenville or how many racers. I realize this is smaller scale than other speedways, but I was already impressed.The grandstands were filling up, the smell of popcorn (and car fumes)in the air and the races began. I was in love. From the sound of the cars all taking off together, to the high speeds and crashing, this was the coolest place on earth!

The cost is minimal, the entertainment is awesome and it is a great way to spend a Saturday night with some friends or even a date night. There were families there (although it is a loud place so bring headphones for the kids!) and even a class with their teacher and parents for a fun field trip. The Brockville Ontario Speedway really is a fun spot to check out.

Samantha, my friend who introduced me to racing- is probably laughing at my passion for the sport now...but if you haven't been- you must go! You will see us there, we'll be the loud girls taking "selfies" and having an absolute blast!

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