Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Getting back to basics

What does getting back to basics mean to you? For my family, it's about unplugging from time-to-time and enjoying time focused on each other.

Wait! Don't close this page.....I'm still a fan of all things social media and connecting via the web. I just want my children to be children and know how to kick a soccer ball around the yard as well as navigate their way around Twitter.

This past weekend, we headed out to the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area to take in the Fall Festival. The sun was shining and although a cold wind was blowing, it was a great day to bundle up and take part. This was my first festival at the conservation area and I can now say it is one of my favorite spots in Brockville. I fell in love the moment we parked the car and got out. I was greeted by sled dogs barking and what looked like dozens of teams setting up to race. Being fall, and having no snow, I was interested as to how this dog-sled activity would work out. It was then I realized, they were attached to scooter-like bikes and about to take off down a sectioned-off trail. When they started, it looked like so much fun, I'm now trying to convince Nick that this should be our new hobby!

We spotted the pumpkin carving and headed over to take part. After taking our time and finding the very best pumpkin, we set up shop and started carving a Jack O'Lantern. My oldest has since renamed our pumpkin to Lucy, for reasons only known to a three year old.

We headed down to the Nature Centre, where chili, hotdogs, coffee and other goodies were being served. There was fantastic music being played and a lot of families in attendance. Even our oldest got into the spirit and danced away.
Alas, it was time to head out for some other weekend fun. Our time at Mac Johnson was eye-opening for me. Here, right in our backyard, is a stunning oasis of natural beauty and this was the first time I had ever visited!  We will be headed back soon and if you haven't been, the autumn colours make it the perfect season to take in the gorgeous scenery

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  1. I completely agree with spending quality time with the family in a more outdoor atmosphere. The social skills gained from just being outside with other people rather than cooped up in a room on a computer i believe is completely invaluable, especially when you have some great places around you that you can visit! Hats off to a fellow believer in real socialising!