Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Fabulous Nanny Franny!

It was a Wednesday night,you know -  right in the middle of that mid-week slump. What's for dinner? I have been trying my hand at cooking lately and it hasn't turned out too badly....everyone has survived so far. The night before, my five month old sweet Baby R wouldn't give in and sleep , my two toddlers were up with the sun and frankly, I was exhausted.

About a month ago, we attended the Athen's Cornfest - a huge local success - and won a gift card for a local resturaunt, The Peacock. I had heard great things about their pizza from friends and have been told to try the Chinese food, as there is nothing better around! The lightbulb went off in my head and I decided I would convince Nick that we must go. I think after being my guinea pig for the last few nights, he may have welcomed the change.

Off we went, to the charming village of Athens, which stole my heart previously at the Cornfest,which had provided a welcoming and fun family environment. We unpacked the children and walked into the Peacock, hoping they wouldn't decide to close, seeing us with three small children. I was once a waitress after all, trust me - the sight of my brood would have sent me flying to take a break! Instead, we were welcomed by a lovely woman, who introduced herself to us as "Nanny Franny". Right off the bat, I could tell she had the type of personality that made you swear you were at her kitchen table having dinner. Never in my life have I felt such a warm reception at a resturaunt.

As we looked over the menu, my children were captivated. Looking around and then asking "Where's Franny? What is Franny doing?" They couldnt stop talking with her, and she was just as delighted and captivated with them! I'm not always welcoming of strangers invading my children's space, but I didn't once question Franny or think she was too overbearing. It just seemed natural. She told us tales of her own fabulous grandchildren and her family, took our orders with ease and brought our food so quickly, I was almost sure it was magic.

Once we were done eating, Franny asked if the girls could have jello as a treat for dessert. She brought them out lovely dessert cups topped with whipped cream and pink umbrellas! My kids were putting us up for adoption and moving in. As if that weren't enough first-class service, they were allowed a mini-tour of the kitchen and met the owner and chef, who was just as charming. On our way out, they sent us with a bag of their amazing eggrolls and homemade sauce.

As I go on and on about Nanny Franny and the exceptional service at the Peacock, I should also mention that this restaurant is everything we had heard about and more. It's a small place, not fancy but the food is comforting and delicious. If my waistline was more forgiving, I'd go weekly. With three small children, dining out is sometimes chaotic and not always in the budget , but we enjoyed our experience so much and will absolutely be back! If you are in Athens, or even if you aren't- take the small drive out there, it is worth the trip.


  1. We order take out from there every other Thursday when we have "family night" and play games or watch a movie together. We all love it there too!

  2. Thank you SO much for your awesome post on my parent's restaurant! So happy you and your family enjoyed your first visit. Fran is an awesome part of our family business and she's a gem all around.

    I will be sharing your post in my next Avon Newsletter.


    Jessica Yee
    The Dancing Avon Lady

  3. Thank you Jessica for your comment. We just went back this past Friday and again the food and service were unmatched! Our oldest had actually requested that we "go see that nice Franny". She is three. One of our favorite new places and we will be back, time and time again!