Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pumpkin Inferno

A few weeks ago, as I was reading the latest Facebook threads, I came across an advertisement for Pumpkin Inferno, an event hosted by Upper Canada Village. As a child, I often frequented this historical village with my family and on school trips. Fond memories of the schoolhouse, the bakery, sleigh rides and of course the train, are still cherished and a very important part of my childhood. When I read about this latest attraction, I knew I had to take my own children and create new memories.
Below are a few pictures from our Pumpkin Inferno experience- enjoy! Although I'm happy we captured this experience on film, these images simply don't do the exhibit justice.
A dragon made out of pumpkins.


Sea creatures, including a giant octopus
The wait was long to gain access to the park, I believe we were on Highway #2 for about an hour and then we waited in the line to buy tickets for an hour. Note: There was an option to buy tickets online,  which yours truly missed seeing!

From the moment we stepped through the gates and saw our first display, I had completely forgotten any time spent waiting. In front of us were thousands of pumpkins, carved in many forms and lit up in the dark of night. It was truly awe-inspiring. 
Our good friend Katie and her super adorable (and incredibly well-behaved) children came with us, along with our three girls. The children took a moment to understand what they were seeing, but quickly got into the spirit and enjoyed the art work. It was an incredible display of local talent, as some of the designs were painstakingly intricate, making these displays even more impressive.
From regular spooky faces, to chinese lanterns, dragons and even a giant wordsearch, the themes were expansive. At one point we walked past a giant moose and a beaver damn and beavers, made entirely out of the pumpkins. I had never seen anything like it before.
Thank you Upper Canada Village for holding such a unique and inspiring celebration of Halloween! I can only hope this will become an annual event so we can continue to create memories.
Please visit for upcomming attractions.

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