Thursday, 12 June 2014

Let’s get Cracking

I want you to close your eyes and imagine this: The smell of caramelized onion, candied apple, chorizo sausage, blended herbs and cheese all cooking together over a well-oiled sizzling skillet with Burnbrae farm-fresh eggs...heavenly, isn't it?

Now picture the kitchen packed with 20 foodie bloggers, Farm owners, social media experts and basically a lot of people salivating at the sight of this delicious food being prepared in front of them. That was the sight at Burnbrae Farms, when we were invited to learn about the company, their products and their overall passion for egg production.

Owner and Chef, Seth O’Hara from the Brockberry Grill was on hand with his fabulous assistant Stewart Smith, to discuss cooking techniques, recipes, and his favourite tips on cooking with Burnbrae eggs. 
On the menu:
·         Alsatian tart (derived from the Alsatian region in France)
·         The famous Brockberry poppy seed salad
·         Wedge salad topped with blue cheese, hard-cooked egg (which Seth used a ricer to spread evenly over the lettuce), roasted red peppers, tomatoes and olives.
·         A shallot, wild mushroom, garlic and feta omelette with a Peruvian splash
·         A caramelized onion and apple, with spicy chorizo sausage and aged cheddar omelette

I had the pleasure of tasting the chorizo omelette and poppy seed salad – which I cannot begin to do justice trying to describe in a blog.  The flavours that I experienced in each bite were incredibly tantalizing to the senses and made me look at eggs in a whole new light. Watching this dish created in front of me looked incredibly easy- something I could cook for my own family (and will!) and it took less than ten minutes.

Various bloggers from all over the province gathered to learn more about Burnbrae Farms and this special lunch- focusing on egg dishes, was a huge treat! If you are interested in trying these dishes, make sure you head into the Brockberry Grill, located on King Street East in Brockville, On. I have been in many times and have quite a few favourite dishes- now I have another to add to my list!

Thank you Burnbrae Farms, Brockberry Grill and Set the Barr (social media marketing) for inviting me to attend this wonderful event - I can’t wait to get cracking in the kitchen!

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